Algorism: Word of the Day

Algorism, n.

The art of computation with the Arabic figures, one to nine, plus the zero; arithmetic.

Euclid’s Algorism is an efficient algorithm for finding the greatest common devisor of two numbers.

Alternate usage:

“I created the Internet,” is just one of the ex-vice president’s “Al Gore” -isms.

How will you use algorism in a sentence today?


2 responses to “Algorism: Word of the Day

  1. Al, gore ism’t gonna make them read your book, no matter how handsome you make the hero!

  2. Although there has been stated objections to my bent towards philosophy, they still function for me as basic algorisms, because they can be. like mathematical computations, parameters for how to learn the lessons in life. I have not yet, however, found the most ‘efficient algorithm’. Buddhism has a very developed philosophy by the way, which can be as or more ‘involuted’ , ‘convoluted’ than the Western Tradition.

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