Top Ten Posts: Eighth Edition

Is this getting old?  I mean, really!

This is the eighth in a series celebrating—after a fashion—another 100 post milestone.  My plan is to only write two more of these self-congratulatory 100-blog pieces, and thereafter write them for every 1000 posts.  Lofty?   Silly?  Yeah, I guess.  

In any event, here are what I believe were the best of the last 100 posts. 

 Thanks so much for reading! 

  1. What inspires you?  What moves you to the keyboard or notebook?  
  2. How long should you write?  To what lengths will you go to finish a piece?
  3. Are you “penned in” by your outline?  What can you do to stay fluid in your work? 
  4. What is it about a book you want to read again?  And again, and again and again…
  5. Why do you write?  Is it a need to communicate?  A desire to entertain?  Is it for the glitz and the gold? (Hah!)  
  6. Lost your voice?  Huh?  Speak up!  
  7. But what can I say about that?  The horror!  The horror!  The question you never want to hear from yourself.
  8. Exercising your creativity.  Building mental muscles!
  9. Gaze somberly into the crystal…  Telling the future isn’t for wimps.
  10. How to critique a critique group.  Great.  NOW you tell me!

5 responses to “Top Ten Posts: Eighth Edition

  1. Well, are you something else! Really, – an inspiration! So it’s my daughter’s birthday today. She’s 39, but she doesn’t know I’m telling you this, and I’m going to the Irish pub for dinner and a drink to celebrate with a girl-friend who always celebrates have been the mother and pulling through the labor. Will not go to her extreme; I’ll be thinking about my daughter and the fact, that yes, I have to admit that I’m a ‘little up there’. And I’ve finished the rewrite of Chapter five today, more celebration. And for the rest of the day, as usual, I shall just review the posts you have posted above.
    That’s my ‘way’ of congratulating you. – reading some fine posts over again, to give them a ‘reread’, – I actually like to revisit the past. That’s how, I believe you learn things, not only about the world but about yourself. Thanks for the ‘rewrites’ and ‘grin’. Congratulations……

  2. Congratulations to both of you!

    Celebrate good time, c’mon!!!

  3. Congratulations, Ricky.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

  4. Way to go, keep up the good work!

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