Blogosphere: Assuming Authority

Continued from Part Twenty-One

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Twenty-Two:  Seem More Than You Are – or – Be More Than You Seem

I’ve written about the magic number of posts that establishes you as an authority in your topic… the scary (on or about) 1000 posts.  But, if it takes that many posts to be authoritative, then who are you in the meantime?  A poseur?

Great question.  If the answer isn’t obvious, I’ll share it with you.  You ARE the authority.  Right from day one.  Even if you don’t feel all that confident, you are, you must be, the authority.

After all, why would a visitor to your site bother to read a post written by someone who is struggling with their topic?   If the situation was reversed, would you?

Image: Unknown

Think of it as acting.  Think of it as building your mystique, your “presence”.   Confidence building is a good thing.

Yes, you will make mistakes.  Yes, you will get it wrong from time to time.  When that happens in the early days of your Blog  you edit the post and clean it up.  Once you have a larger readership, you admit the error, and make a public correction.  Said properly, you will show yourself to be not only the authority, but an authority who is still learning, still researching, still growing.  And, as they say, “…that ain’t bad…”

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not advocating that make up “facts” to support your cause.  I am saying that when you assume authority, you are allowed a certain leeway.  You are asserting truth as you see it.  You are forming your own body of knowledge.

An important way of establishing authority is by linking to blogs with similar topics, and being linked to by them.  The question is, how do you make that happen? 

The process is easy, but time-consuming.  You start by finding blogs that share your interest and you read them.  Read and comment.  Putting polite, thoughtful comments on another’s blog is a great rep builder.  Linking to a post on another’s blog is strong medicine.  Most blogging software will let someone know when they’ve been referred to in a link, and in many cases the other blogger, flattered by the attention, will check your YOUR work.  Add them to your blogroll, and let them know you’ve done it.  I don’t recommend asking to be put on their blogroll, that gets to be a bit pushy.

But how, you ask, do you even find these other blogs?

Glad you asked.  Our good friend, Cindy Taylor of Johannesburg, South Africa, gave me an excellent suggestion the other day.  It was a feature of WordPress I’d seen, but had never played with, or even understood.  It is called the Tag Surfer, and is found in the WP Dashboard.  After you’ve written about a topic, you can put your own key words into the search box, and WordPress will deliver to you a list of other blogs who write about the same topics.  What could be easier?

Finally, to be an authority, you must look like one.  A character in one of my novels speaks of learning confidence.  He suggests, “…first go to the river, and command it to flow in its natural direction.  Learn the stance of command.”

I say, go to the river of your topic, and take on the stance of command.  Be the authority you are… and be it now.

Continued in Part Twenty-Three


5 responses to “Blogosphere: Assuming Authority

  1. Well, I don’t know whether I’m being recognized as an authority on the blog of nrhatch, because I know that my opinion is really not wanted. But I have told her that it gives me a sense of freedom knowing that she deletes my remarks. So I’m at least being an authority in knowing that any possible Orwellian syntax is only going to drive me out of her blog, and possibly your, and possibly another’s. It’s part of the learning process as far as I am concerned. I am getting to understand ‘what I think’. Not sure I’m right; but I’m open to hatch’s criticism, and yours.
    Teach me then, all of you. Make me an authority!!!!!!

    • I feel much better, in case my downer got anybody down.
      I finally know what hatch is talking about. She did not delete what I said when I told her sometimes she ‘pissed’ me off (right use of swearing here, I’ve never sworn before meeting hatch, ironiclaly) sometimes because I feel she is the only one who has an inner self and stuff like that, she didn’t delete any of the rough stuff, so my ‘reputation’ is intact. What she mainly deleter was my philosophy, poetry like the Meditation, and today a poem on Love.
      So if I do write more, it will be by the grace of God, and not the grace of nrhatch, so I’m not going to worry about it. Just so you know, that I’m not going to let a few poems deleted persuade me that I haven’t got or can’t develop. I will, though if I get a blog, attempt not to delete anything. You are all free to think of me what you wish, including nrhatch. Amen.

  2. Thank you for the mention Rik.
    Another little hint; don’t be too shy to repeat postings; if you feel you have written something that didn’t get the views you felt it deserved, post it again! As your readership grows, you may feel that you want to share earlier stuff, and it doesn’t automatically follow that someone who has just found your blog will go back and read all your posts from scratch.

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