Mogul: Word of the Day

Mogul, n.

A bump or mound of hard snow on a ski slope.

The race was his, he knew it.  What he didn’t know was that there were several moguls ahead.

Alternate usage:

“What’s in the stew?”



“Oh.  Some squirrel and seagull.  Want a taste?”

“Sure.  Hmmm…”

“What’s it need?”


How will you use mogul in a sentence today?


2 responses to “Mogul: Word of the Day

  1. This was not the definition I was familiar with, and so I checked the dictionary.
    1. a Mongol, especially any of the Mongolian conquerors of India or their descendants.
    2. a powerful or important person, especially one with aristocratic power.
    3. a kind of steam locomotive for pulling heavy trains.
    That’s all the Webster has.
    I can think of a couple of candidates, the Sashquish (spelling), that mythological figurehead who walks the snows of Tibet?, and of course Santa. All those deal with lands of snow, but I think I’ll stop short of calling them bumps, or moguls, or ‘aristocrats’ of power. grin grin. Maybe a snowman dressed up like a mogul! ? I’m lost on this one. Sorry. A bump in the snow, eh!
    Will think about that, especially before the snow plows plow my street next winter.

  2. Found it! I have a bigger dictionary downstairs. A bump in a ski run. My apologies for doubting you. But then, thank God I don’t know everything.
    I just hit a mogul in the snows of my word run!!!!!!!

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