Weirdest Wisdom #10

Is this ancient chapeau yet?  Or are you still rarin’ to go?

Well, either way, here is #10

Failure to be present causes the vital organ to become more enamored.

Do you know this one?  Remember to try your hand before reading the comments!


5 responses to “Weirdest Wisdom #10

  1. Had to think a moment but:
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder?
    I love these by the way, except I did not say them around the kids when they were younger. But I’m going to make up for that once your series is over, cause I’m going to collate the sayings for them.

  2. Aw damn! Loren got there before I did.

  3. Loreen is always first. No fair.

    • All you have to do is work it out before scrolling down. Do you and aardvarkian and you deepercolors hate me too, as well as hrhatch? Sorry if I appear first when I’m really last..
      My apologies to all of you, I will try to play my part better, but if I pull into the quotes I’m going to post, if I have an answer. I trust you, that you would put down the quote as you thought it and didn’t rely on a previous submission.
      After all, is it not everybody’s conscience that is their merit?

  4. Maybe I should have qualified that. ‘ is it not everybody’s conscience that is the basis of their own merit – but perhaps this is not even absolutely ‘true’. I suppose I could wait until I thought everybody else had posted before posting myself. Would that make all of you happy?
    But please, then, let me know when that last post would be. I remain, your servant.

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