Blogosphere: Fiddling With the Controls

Continued from Part Twenty-Two

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Twenty-Three:  Make Your Blog a Snappy Dresser

We’ve talked about Banner design, and will discuss that further, down the line.  This time I want to get into the add-ons that you can use to not only “spruce up” your Blog, but make it more interesting and useful to your reader.

Widgets, or gadgets are small applications that your Blog Host provides for your use.  The number of possibilities grows even greater if you are self-hosting.  A search of the available Internet for “add-ons” will amaze you.

You will find WordPress widgets (gadgets) in the Dashboard under Appearance.

Some popular and very useful add-ons include:

  • Posting archives
  • Search by Tag
  • Search by Category or Label
  • Most Active Category or Label
  • Blogroll (list of Blogs you like and support)
  • RSS
  • Calendar

These are but a few possibilities.

Check the setup section of your Blog Host for a list of available add-ons.  You may also want to search through some of your favorite Blogs to see what is popular.  While popularity of a Blog does not alway equal the best use of add-ons, it is a good indicator.

While it is possible to go overboard with add-ons, a judicious use of them can make your Blog more pleasing to the eye, easier to use, and more fun.

Continued in Part Twenty-Four


3 responses to “Blogosphere: Fiddling With the Controls

  1. Thank you RikScott for an introduction to the ‘detail’. Will go back now to look the possibilities over again. This however, keeping in mind that under the present circumstances it might be best for me to wait, but I am all for keeping things open to possibility. Again, thank you.

  2. Judicious is a good warning, if a blog flashes like a pinball machine I’m never going back to it.

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