Weirdest Wisdom #11


Some of these are just TOO easy!

Every article which coruscates is not fashioned from aureate metal.


8 responses to “Weirdest Wisdom #11

  1. All that glitters is not gold.

    Am I the first?

  2. All that glitters is not gold.
    I was told by a friend to first of all give the following justifications for posting:
    l. The early bird gets the worm
    2. First come first served.
    If this is insufficient for justification may I suggest:
    l. Reliance on one’s own sense of honesty and not pulling down the scroll until you’ve thought out your own answer.
    2. There has been no communication regarding arrangements to advise of who posts lasts, and therefore I would have to read your minds to know when my posting would be allowed, and to do that I might be thought insane, and consequently, I don’t think anybody is worth that.

    • I’m OK. here I think. The only personal comment was “I would have to read your minds to know when my posting would be allowed – if we followed the suggestion made yesterday.
      Otherwise, it just an outline of the rules of the game, and therefore should neutrally apply to everyone.
      So I must not have offended anyone even nrhatch.
      Especially when she has taken so much pains worrying that I have no spirit.

  3. I figured it out by myself before I looked. Congrats A for being first to post

  4. L. There is competition in everything. It’s not all bad. Keep on answering these things. It’s OK/

    • It’s OK. I’m not trying to be first. I had no competition. There was no other post when I thought of the answer.
      I haven’t made any complaint. That’s just really all between you deepercolors and aardvarkian. Not my problem. Hope you satisfy your ego, as nrhatch would say tomorrow!
      So I guess that proves that I haven’t got an ego. I’m all spirit. See how well I learn my lessons. I have learned to imitate nrhatch in only a few short months when it must have taken her years.

      • I take this back. I would not want to imitate anyone again. Would not want to be anyone but me, for sure, especially considering the above.
        But I’m not in competition with any of you. If you think so, that’s only in your own heads……
        Looking forward to your post tomorrow RikScott. I’ll try to be right on time, as usual. Glad you post so regularly. It’s a break I can count on.

  5. Embrace All With Joy . . . Anything can be a Gift of Gold in Disguise. : D

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