8 responses to “Ghost-Writers in The Sky

  1. Well, I can either get a blog going, or continue anonymously submitting writing exercises to this blog.
    Gonna stop contributing to Spirit; don’t agree with the philosophy. But that would seem to fit in well with the choice you have outlined above. I don’t know. What do you think I should do?

  2. I do have the trilogy to work on. Spirit would say this is not a good project because it is not in the now. Just thinking things over here.

  3. I could have a blog started within a day. All I have to do is pay Mike some dough and he’ll set me up. I can afford it. Then I would be a ‘person’, and treated as an ‘indiividual’.
    Perhaps I don’t make as many contributing submissions as other people do.

  4. Interesting advice. Interesting comments. May I suspect that you have given up on me again. Oh well. sigh! At least you have my respect. I wonder though that perhaps I would have to call you ‘Ricky’ ‘dear’ etc. to get yours. At least that according to observation brings recognition.
    I shall carry on. So under the circumstances, I’m certainly not going to call you ‘Ricky’ RikScott. Despite your rejection. The answer then, is I shall continue to ‘practice’ my writing, and my ‘mean’ satire. All the best. And ‘Thank you’.

  5. Personally speaking, if I was being paid to write I’d jump at the chance.

  6. I’m with aardie on this one, show me the money!

  7. Hey! Glad I came back here. I understand what was ‘bothering’ me now. Sorry I was such a ‘complainer’, Richard. I’ve never in my life fit into groups. When I was young I used to hang around with the ‘guys’, although I do have girl friends now, which I have learned to keep at a distance (again to preserve my ‘independence’) I’m just not one for dinner parties, etc. etc. etc. and doing things all together, or however you want to describe the associations within blogville. I’m just ‘not into it’. But you’d have to read my book (self-promotion grin grin) to find out what’s in the thematics of my mind!!!!!

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