Lymph: Word of the Day

Lymph, n.

(Archaic) A stream or spring of clear, pure water.

Alternate usage:

“Hey! How do you define the word ‘lymph’?”

“Easy.  It means to walk with a lisp.”

How will you use lymph in a sentence today?


2 responses to “Lymph: Word of the Day

  1. Had to look this up, because I immediately thought of lymph ‘node’ of something I knew was ‘medical’.
    What a revelation. All of that stuff in the bible. Christ on the crucifix. the bread and wine, and then the returning to water as in Baptism, and what has been made of this as a Baptism of the spirit. Well this ‘word find’, of lymph explains all of that in pure historical, scientific detail. Thank you.
    The metaphysics can still hold though, as the need to seek purity of the Spirit. Unlike in ‘Spirit’ we cannot assume that it is always -“The Given Good”……We still have to educated ourselves regarding spirit/Spirit, as far as I’m concerned.
    Anyway, I’ve used the word. ‘of lymph’.
    And thank you. These word finds of yours are excellent by the way. No need to make any even advent of apologies. You have a marvelous gift with, for, and by words. Keep educating and entertaining us. Thank you.

  2. P.S. Just for the detail. When the soldier pierced Christ’s heard, (so that his bones would not be broken), he drew not blood but a ‘stream’ of ‘water’, or ‘lymph’.

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