Weirdest Wisdom #13

So, the question is…

Are these getting easier, or harder as we go along?

We’re not yet half-way through the list.  What’s your personal score?

Each canine passes through his period of preeminence.


4 responses to “Weirdest Wisdom #13

  1. I know this one, but I’ll wait. I’ve missed two. So this one is not three and you’re out. Will come back after coffee.

  2. Perfect quote for the No. 13, and maybe yes it’s also the dog days of summer, not certain.
    But: Every dog has his day.
    And a dog day it was. After reading most of the morning, etc. I know for certain now that I’ve had enough of Florentine Platonism. The aristocrats can have their scholar here. I’d rather keep to ‘Spirit’. even if it were an only or nothing choice. It’s far more interesting. But the puzzles etc. on this blog are the best. grin grin.

    • Thank you so much, for all the dogs. Loved this. It was hilarious. You’ve don’e it again Cindy; wonderful commentary.

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