A Musical Note: September – I Can’t Get Over

Today’s song will push the envelope.  Some of you will love this, some will throw your hands up in disgust. 

Me?  I love it. 

Petra Marklund was born to a Slovenian mother with a musical past and a Swedish father who was a professor in astrophysics.   She started recording music in studios at the age of 12. When she was 17, she sang in a rock band and gained a record deal. The songs were written and produced by Jonas von der Burg, Niclas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan.

These days she does a lot of her own work, and she does each song in a number of ways.  If you go looking for “I Can’t Get Over” on Youtube, you’ll find at least three VERY different versions.

The version I present to you today is an admixture of High-Tech, Animation, and brilliant (in my opinion) vision.  I find both the song and the singer captivating in this version.  In the other “takes”, perhaps not so much.

May I present to you, September, and “I Can’t Get Over”.  I love this song.


18 responses to “A Musical Note: September – I Can’t Get Over

  1. Oh great that’s just what I need to listen to. Unrequited love from a bleached blond with a Euro-rock throbbing beat in the background. :-]
    Count me in the group of throwing up the hands…..
    To each his own. Like I have said before (I know, sigh….) if it resonates with you , go with it.

  2. You…
    Don’t want hear your name!
    Don’t wanna see your smile!
    Cause Baby I’m still crying.

    And go, it’s time for you to get out!
    I’m sick of standing my ground,
    Cause I just end up running.
    And I go to sleep believin’ in tomorrow,
    But I wake up screaming, half way through the night.

    You know I can’t get over,
    And I don’t know why?
    You know I can’t get over,
    No matter how I try,
    And I don’t know why?

    Will always be the same!
    You say it’s time for a change,
    But I don’t see, one coming.

    So I climb out of the darkness of your lovin,
    But I end up falling back into your arms

    You know I can’t get over,
    And I don’t know why?
    You know I can’t get over,
    No matter how I try,
    And I don’t know why?

    From beginning to end,
    once again right back to where we started.
    I know, I’m right
    We were wrong all along!

    You know I can’t get over,
    And I don’t know why?
    You know I can’t get over,
    No matter how I try.

    You know I can’t get over,
    And I don’t know why?
    You know I can’t get over,
    No matter how I try,,
    And I don’t know why?

    You know I can’t get over!

  3. I was told once to ‘Get Over It’. After reading the lyrics very carefully, and noting the highly tech video, plus reading the bio, etc. etc. and comments etc., I would agree that this can be a very worthwhile bit of advice.

    • Or should I add, just so there’s no misunderstanding, that at least now I have some understanding of what they were talking about. No offense. As from weirdest wisdom’ ‘Beauty (can be) only skin deep’.

  4. We…
    Will always be the same!
    You say it’s time for a change,
    But I don’t see, one coming.
    So I climb out of the darkness of your lovin,
    But I end up falling back into your arms

    Just did a male/vs/female reaction check. Listened to the lyrics without watching the video. The song quality was good. I must say then that the presentation is what is detracting from the situation presented by the lyrics. But she does complain of the darkness of the lovin. So she wants to assert her independence would be a just interpretation to put on this. But despite the feminine desire to be self sufficient, etc.
    the car, and all the trimmings, I would argue, still detract from her case, if it is truly the ‘unrequited love’, and she is suffering.
    So perhaps there is a bit of female envy at doing so well despite pain. Women can be terribly jealous of other women. But to compensate, there is the male ego that is flattered by any attention given to dependence on the male, especially when this is weighed against the possibility of the female taking or grabbing onto a self-independence.
    If this does not ring true, in any way, please let me know. I’m still looking for answers with respect to the male/female/female competitions, and write about them a lot within Portals, etc. That is, the females playing off one another for the attentions, etc. of the male. Competition in this regard is not always overtly sexual, but there are power politics of different kinds that can be involved, and the good girl/bad girl dichotomy still predominates despite changes in custom and culture. So maybe, you’re actually progressive here, Richard, and are standing up for the progressive ‘bad’ girl. Sexual politics has very subtle dimensions, without a doubt.

    • P.S. I believe, that it is often the female that set’s the bad girl dichotomy in motion, through the claim that she, (like I could have been doing in this respect) is the ‘good’ girl. This is more common that is realized. There are, although not often admitted, power relations between women; i.;e. struggle for power over another woman in one respect or another.

      • P.S. I have learned in my life to not always trust my instinct or intuition. (Or feeling, first sight alone.) That is why I feel it is important to use the tools of reason, including analysis, of self as well as others. The spontaneity of our feeling/thought is not always to be ‘trusted’. After all, it is merely based not only on the ‘now’ of the external world, but on the historical ‘continuity of thought’ as the Buddhist’s say, which includes the ‘seeds’ of karma based on our past experience. That is why we have to always consider the need to ‘conquer’ (and forgive) the ‘past’.

        • I also still believe there is an undercurrent of real bitter ‘anger’ in this song, and presentation, and that the feeling directed towards the ‘lost love’ is not presented with complete sincerity. There possibly could be seen a lot of ‘self’ in this interpretation of events, which was what was criticized with respect to myself when I was told to ‘get over it’. There is also possibly a victim/perpetrator dynamic. But an analysis of the relation between victim and perpetrator, and the inter-dynamic that does/can exist in this relationship would take another analysis, and demonstration and description, etc. (Or a real life incident as an example).

  5. The above comments are just a demonstration of how ‘personal’ – really’ our interpretations of others are, and how rooted they are in our own individual past life experience.

  6. I should perhaps also put out the (what do you call it when you don’t take full responsibility or something – a legal term) proposal that although the artistic rendition here does not present, especially in the presentation a realistic portrayal of the psychological factors, although they are hinted at, that I feel that it is imperative for the arts to address such issues as are hinted at in this video/song.
    A more realistic treatment might be possible in a novel/memoir, something for example that I am attempting, but the disparity in public and acceptable aesthetic taste varies greatly. Indeed I am on the side of portraying the ‘pain’ etc. in existence, which is one of the reasons why I find myself often in disagreement with nrhatch. So, if push came to shove, in such a triangle, I would be on the side of the producers and writers, and performer of this attempt to breach the gap between what can be said and what must be left unsaid. This is not a simple case of ‘unrequited love’. simply stated. There is much more going on than that. As Nietzsche said, sometimes we have to learn to love our enemies, but also to ‘hate’ our friends. (If you understand what he’s getting at here……) This song speaks towards the development of ‘real’ individuals. The presentation is ‘arguable’.


    Get Over It – Avril Lavigne

    I love this. Natural irony as it unfolds in life. But I like it, egotistically, because it validates for me what I was attempting to say the song above was attempting to say……….grin grin??????

    • In Conclusion: (finally I promise). September’s interpretation and reaction to a poor experience (if you also intuit one happening) is that she keeps up the sexual pose, as well as she has the ability to fall back on material goods, etc. So it is a reaction that might presume some priviledge if it is compared to the ‘Get Over It’ version.
      But mention was made of it’s ‘Vision’. Don’t know whether this was merely in reference to performance; or whether it was the vision, that a person could overcome psychological damage or it’s possibility and just carry on, as September ‘seems’ to be doing in this video. A bit of ‘class’ bias, perhaps.
      Yup! Live in the now. Don’t go back and review your life to find/and/or/overcome any problems or self-deceptions or anything. Just carry on with the ‘vision’.
      It is a personal thing interpretation. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they will consider a truth and/or a falsehood. The vision I feel would be reached only after some work. Denial that one is really angry is different from overcoming that anger, and coming to terms with the situation and the hurt, or grief, or loss, or whatever. One is real, the other is ‘pretense’. What then is the ‘vision’. That the grief may not be necessary? If so, that’s quite a vision!

      • Isn’t it funny – that the male reaction is different from the female reaction in two cases. Is this an indication that the male and female speak ‘different languages’.
        What is the vision. Please let me in on it. The independence, the retention of the sexual presentation. I know they intended to do this. This is not a case of envy. But really you guys, do you not see even a hint of pain in the lyrics for instance. Do you see just the gloss, and the good looking chick. If so, she has found ‘the way’. She’ll be in another relation before she can wink her eye lids and shake her butt. But will she be happy with herself. And the female of course may simply call her a ‘whore’, or something. But she’ll make it with the guys. I know this is a possible and reaction by many. Yes, it is real. And you have chosen a very provocative and controversial subject to post. What were the record sales? I have already said that I understand why/how men like this reaction from females in cases like this. No guilt, no shame, then for the male too, no blame. Just carry on and let ‘Spirit Light the Way’. Fake it till you make it, but if you do that you may step on the feet of a few other people along your way to progress. Perpetrator/victim reactions……. ‘Different languages?’.

        • The truth is I believe, that you’ll never really make it i you fake it. You really have to take it one step at a time in full surrender. You have to learn again how to love, and you can’t ‘fake’ that.

  8. Ricky,
    Great video and music. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Don’t get me wrong. I have been friends with a lot of ‘whores’ – and we loved one another. The difference then in the vision, is that I can see their pain. The pain behind the gloss and the fancy car, the techne, the ‘vision’, please explain……

  10. Like in my book: the thing for the ‘woman’ to learn is to be both the morning and the evening star; the Madonna and the Magdalene, the good girl and the bad girl. It’s all about integration: of the two videos; the one here, and the one by Avril Lavigne. Integrate two perspectives.
    I hope I haven’t upset any male perspective on women. There is however, one male; two females – so women have to learn to integrate more than the male – but ‘we’re smart enough to do it’.
    September- she can’t get over it, so she will go possibly into a lot of ‘supportive’ relationships. The ‘perpetrator’ the girl in the street, tthe promiscuous one, etc. etc.
    Avil Lavigne. The angry, violent against her ‘boyfriend’ victim.
    They are I have found each a reflection of the other.
    We must strive to become real independent individual human beings, and outgrow both of these representations. We must learn to ‘truly’ love.
    But I like both renditions. I have learned from my lack of brevity and wit. Thank you for bearing with me.

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