Ante Meridiem: Word(s) of the Day

Ante Meridiem, adj., adv.

1560s, from L., lit. “before noon,” from ante  (see ante) + acc. of meridies  “midday, noon”, or A.M.

Alternate usage:

“How’d he get to be your uncle?”

Ante Meridiem.”  (Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch.  But YOU try to do this day after day.) 

How will you use Ante Meridiem in a sentence today?


2 responses to “Ante Meridiem: Word(s) of the Day

  1. Hey! Thank you Richard. Now I know where A.M. came from. It up’s the ‘ante’ for a ‘merry diem’. A bit of a cheat here, but hey! I’m having fun!

  2. I hope I never takes these posts for granite. : )

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