Blogosphere: Blogging is a Two-Way Street

Continued from Part Twenty-Five 

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Twenty-Six:  If I might make a comment…


Everybody allows comments on their Blog, right?   Well, no.  I know of a few that don’t. 

This may sound like a no-brainer, but I suggest that you do not shut down comments.  Why?  Read on, fellow blogger. 

  • Comments keeps energy high
    No matter how entertaining and informative your writing is, unless you have regularly scheduled Guest Bloggers, all of your posts will begin so sound alike.  Allowing comments brings in new voices to your Blog.
  • Comments allow the reader to participate
    As your Blog “ages” you will acquire a fair number of “constant readers” as Stephen King likes to call them.  These faithful visitors come back again and again because of your writing skills, the topics you choose, and the way you handle them.  Eventually, however, because of your inspiration, they will want to contribute.   Comments are the first and easiest way they can do so.
  • Comments bring readers back
    With most of the hosted Blog services a reader has the ability to subscribe not only to the Blog, but to an individual content string, the comments of a particular post, for instance.  As a faithful and serious Blogger, you know that return visits are a real kick in the stats.
  • Comments improve your status with the big three
    Finally, as it is with trackbacks (pingbacks), participation by readers is noted by the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as the smaller SEs.  The more activity noted for a Blog, the more likely it is to be presented high on a search list.  Our goal is the first page of the SE results.  We never want to appear more than three pages in of the results.

Agreed, this is a kind of backward argument.  I would guess that most of you would not consider turning off comments, and indeed you would need to do that manually as most hosted Blog Services turn it on by default. 

Keep your comments alive and well.  You might even consider having a friend or two “prime the pump” with controversial statements once your readership starts to climb. 

Continued in Part Twenty-Seven


4 responses to “Blogosphere: Blogging is a Two-Way Street

  1. I got my first pingback last week. If I was a drinking man, I’d have popped open a bottle of bubbly. As it was, Coco-Cola had to do.

  2. Wade a go! aardvarkian. (if that’s the right spelling)
    Really happy to have this comment about commentators generally. I was actually beginning to be a ‘split personality’, torn between the feeling that without my own blog my comments are worthless, unreciprocated, unacknowledged, etc. etc. and the feeling that perhaps the opposite was more true, and that I just didn’t know when to ‘shut up’. I know I can be a ‘bit provocative’ sometimes, and especially with nrhatch she has found justification for deleting some of my remarks. I actually took this as a precedent today, and confronted her in error, with deleting another comment which I had actually posted on another post.
    So that’s quite a bit of comment here. Anyway, please let me know anyone, if when I become a nuisance, too much, etc. etc. even too confrontational or competitive.
    I’m old enough to sometimes be able to ‘bow out’.
    Someday I may even be ‘old enough’ to run my own blog.
    Till then, just read on new advent, that the fear of death is also the fear of diminishment, which is opposite to the need/desire to magnification/justification that runs through our spirit/ego. Oh dear! I’m going to be in trouble with nrhatch’s use of vocabulary in her philosophy. I must remember that only the worst philosophies admit of critique and criticism. And in the face of the fear of ‘diminishment’, sometimes the truth is not critique at all, but simply stating our truth, even if it is considered by others to be only ‘ego’.
    Thank you for this Richard. (I’ll now be quiet)

  3. I will never forget the sense of elation I felt when I got my first comment.

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