Blogosphere: A Nasty Noise

Continued from Part Twenty-Seven   

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Twenty-Eight:  Are You Serious?

Image: I made this one

So, you’ve jumped through most of the hoops in getting your Blog designed and set up.  It’s been no picnic, but you feel a certain sense of accomplishment as you look back at your work.   

The question asked by more people, and more often than any other, is  ”Are we there yet?”   

Of course the answer is a resounding “No!”   

Why?  Because getting set up isn’t the same thing as doing the day after day labor of keeping your Blog alive, vibrant, and active.   

You’re going to get tired of it.   There will come a time, perhaps soon, that you just want to chuck it in.  It’s a lot more work than you imagined, isn’t it?  What?   Really?  Even after all of my warnings you don’t get that Blogging isn’t for the weak spirited?   

The question to ask yourself now is, how do you keep yourself motivated?  How do you stay serious about your Blog?   

You get support.    

If you’re not a part of a Blogging Network, or a Blogging Support Group, why not?  If you don’t see one anywhere, why not create it for yourself?   

I’m not talking about a virtual “Bloggers Anonymous” group, but a serious group of Bloggers that are going through the same trials and tribulations you are.  A group made up of a mixture of people who have Blogged for a while, and some—like yourself—who are brand new at it.  If you take nothing more from reading blogs today, take this idea.  Yes, you can go it alone, but why?  No matter how good you get at what you do, there are people who are able to see things you’ve missed.  Make use of their ideas.   

Now, while you’re thinking about a Blogging Support Group, consider one that has regular meetings.  Using SKYPE, for example to do conference calls as an augmentation of a Yahoo! Group is a very good idea.  Taking an hour a week to discuss your Blogging plans, to describe problems and share your successes with others can be both fulfilling and practical.   

In a future posting I will describe the process of creating and running such a group in greater detail.   

Continued in Part Twenty-Nine


4 responses to “Blogosphere: A Nasty Noise

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  2. Not there, as you know, but thanks. For the file…..

  3. Thanks, Rik.

    Love the graphic . . . I want a “HELP” key for my keyboard. : )

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