Blogosphere: Staying at the Top of Your Game

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Thirty:  Strike While the Iron is Hot!

Image: I made this one.

Now that you’ve gotten into the habit of briefly outlining your future posts and storing them in your Blog dashboard or some other convenient place, you’ve probably discovered that you have more time for planning and scheming.  This is where bloggins starts to go from a frenzied to a well-planned frontal assault (pardon the military jargon).

Carrying a notepad or a digital recorder with you everywhere gives you the opportunity to start collecting Blog topics, ideas and inspiration wherever you happen to be.  If you have a smartphone, or have set up your cell phone for texting, you can send messages to your home computer as well.  If you are out with a phone that doesn’t record, you can call yourself at home and leave a message.  Whatever works. 


By the way, this process is great for your other writing projects, as well.

Keeping a list of possible topics is the sign of a well-organized Blogger.  It is the sign of a Blogger who is never at a loss for words.

The last thing you want to do is assume that the blindingly clever idea you just had will live forever in your memory.  My guess is, if you think about it, you’ll recall situations where the idea hits, but before writing it down, you do just one more thing, then turn confidently back to the great idea only to notice it has flown away. 

Really good idea may come back, but they might not.

Don’t take the chance.  Record your ideas when they hit.

Do it every time.  You’ll be glad you did.

Continued in Part Thirty-One


4 responses to “Blogosphere: Staying at the Top of Your Game

  1. As you say, an excellent tip for any kind of writing, not just Blogging. And you certainly are never at a loss for ideas. You’re a gold-mine, Richard. And I’ve got another nugget for my files.

  2. Excellent advice . . . seize those thoughts before they drift away and evaporate into the ether.


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