Blogosphere: Is a Day of Rest Just For Wimps?

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Thirty-One:  Taking a Day Off?

Image: I made this one.

Which path have you chosen?  Are you taking the leisurely route with a single posting per week?  Have you decided on a more ambitious schedule, posting once a day?  Or have you jumped in with every intention of hitting between 6 and 10 posts daily?

This post is directed at the ambitious among you, those who intend to hit the 1000 post tipping point as quickly as possible.  I have a question for you.

Are you nuts?

Sorry.  That was out of line.

While you may be a bit manic and neurotic (my favorite kind of people), you are likely more dedicated than crazy.  That said, dedicated or not, you will hit the wall from time to time.  Now and again you will need to stop and smell something other than the coffee and keyboard cleaner. 


But how, you ask, a tight quiver in your voice, a tic in your eye.  But how?  We all know the answer to this, innately.  In order to work less you must work harder.  In other words, to take a day away, you must make up that day by adding an extra post or two a day to your work (writing) days.  This assumes you want to keep up the steady beat you’ve set for yourself.  If it’s not that big a deal, just take a day off.

Of course I’m talking about writing ahead and using the built-in scheduler* to fire your posts at a pre-determined time.

We’ve discussed how a regularly scheduled flow of posts and trackbacks, along with active comments, helps cement your place in Search Engine (SE) results.

Writing ahead and using the scheduler allows you to keep up the pace without giving up your regular life.

More thoughts on the subject:

Question: would it kill you to take a day off without having somethings scheduled?

Would an occasional day away from writing allow you to clean up some problems on your Blog site?  How about redoing the look and feel?  What about looking at the posts that have brought in the most visitors?  …and knowing which page a visitor is on when they leave?

There is any number of things you can do with your site—aside from posting—that will make your Blogging life more rewarding.

* Based upon WordPress functionality.

Continued in Part Thirty-Two


3 responses to “Blogosphere: Is a Day of Rest Just For Wimps?

  1. Nice to read “My favorite kind of people again’. Not sure, if when, if ever I get a blog, I’d have enough’know how’ to take a day off.

  2. I use the scheduler for my 8 am posts . . . so I can sleep in or enjoy my coffee (or both) without feeling rushed to get a post up.

    The rest of the day, I go with the flow. If something inspires me to write, I write. If something else calls out to me . . . I pursue the distraction to see where it leads.

    Life balance is key to creativity.

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