Weirdest Wisdom #22

Well, friends… we draw to a close on this chapter of nonsense at UhW…

But we’re not done yet.

Forever refrain from enumerating the dental projections of a bequested member of the Equidae  family.



4 responses to “Weirdest Wisdom #22

  1. Something like: never judge a horse by his teeth or something. I’ts really right on the tip of my tongue, grin grin, Maybe I’ll be back.

  2. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

  3. Great. tsuchigari. I was hoping someone would come back with the answer. Actually, these should have been a bit easier for the ‘older’ generation. I know, for instance, my young ‘oldie’ kids, never heard these when they were growing up. I mean people just don’t talk about gift horses anymore! etc. etc. grin grin. So I missed three and I guess that means ‘I’m out’. Cheers.
    I think it’s Never look though.

  4. I would have gotten it, but I just now saw it. :-]

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