Chaste: Word of the Day

Chaste, adj.

Free from obscenity; decent: chaste conversation.
Today’s column, while peppered with epithets and profanity, was almost chaste in comparison to the week before.
Alternate usage:
The spayed male cat chaste the female around the house.
How will you use chaste in a sentence today?

4 responses to “Chaste: Word of the Day

  1. Well, all I can say, is after my comments on the Challenge this morning, I’m not feeling particularly chaste at the moment.

  2. P.S. Webster’s definitions:

    l. not indulging in unlawful sexual activity; virtuous, said especially of women.
    2. not indecent; modest.
    3. restrained and simple in style; not ornate; not extreme.

    Will check out the larger dictionary.

  3. Bigger dictionary. (You’re right on, as usual)

    l. innocent of immoral sexual intercourse.
    2. deliberately abstaining from sexual intercourse: of manner of speech dress, etc.
    3. modest, restrained: (of literary or artistic style)
    4. pure, unadorned.

    Conclusion: A Blog for me would not be possible.

  4. Reread Challenge page. It seems that the primary reaction came from thinking that enemy was an unchaste use of words. Yet I have been taught to love my enemy. It was not ‘defined’, but it is my understanding that someone who you feel undercuts you and puts you down can be regarded as of such a kind.

    I see no other cause for thinking I am ‘unchaste’ in this regard. But I shall look again after giving it a ‘breather’.

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