Weirdest Wisdom #23

Gettin’ on toward the end o’ these, pardner.  Ah’m gonna miss ’em.

Nonetheless, here is today’s bit of Wisdest Weirdsdom.

One Pyrus Malus per diem restrains the arrival of the Hippocratic apostle.


5 responses to “Weirdest Wisdom #23

  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away…..

    Sorry I was here first, if I am here first.

    • You got it, Loreen. Of course for the apple trick to work, you need to aim very carefully for the doctor.

      • I’ve read Michel Foucault’s ‘Psychiatric Power’ and “Power within the Institutions of Medicine” – the latter may not be the exact title. But in any case, I’m ready to ‘eat of the forbidden fruit’ when it comes to anyone who tries too hard to ‘cure me’. of ALL my faults. Thank you Richard. I do enjoy your humor(s): all four of them!!!!!

  2. Try again tomorrow. I may be ‘time’ vacationing! grin grin.

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