Blogosphere: The Good, The Bad, and the Blogly

Continued from Part Thirty-Five

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Thirty-Six: If I Might Make a Suggestion…

Image: I made this one.

Contrary to what some might believe, this IS the regularly scheduled post for this place in the series.

Earlier we talked about one way comments on your Blog are useful—getting our readers to help us tune our output.  As with every topic we’ve hit on, there is always more to learn, to discuss.

For example, one of the best ways of getting added traffic on your Blog is to engender an active life in comments.   Getting negative comments isn’t only good for learning how to be better at what we do.  Controversy enlivens the activity in our Blogs.  It can also lead to people quoting us in other Blogs—sometimes to make fun of us—other times to congratulate us for our ideas.  In truth, either way is good. 

Now, get this.  There is no such thing as BAD publicity.  Anything that draws people to our sites is good.  If we get a “Worst Blog Ever” award, we’ll get a lot of hits.  If we get the “Best Blog Ever Award”, we’ll get a lot of hits.  If people praise or make fun of us on other Blogs, we will get hits. 


Yeah, I want to do a perfect post every time.  So far I’ve missed 100% of the time to do that.  Still, people are coming to read.  Why?  Because some of the articles that go out, while not perfect are well-enough written to be useful, informative or at the very least entertaining—even if by their foolishness.

By encouraging an active Comments section you begin to create a community around your Blog.  This is solid gold.  Even if your goal isn’t to monetize your work, an influx of readers is always a good thing.

At least in the early days, answer as many comments as you can.  Add weight to your comments “world” by being a part of it.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you argue with your detractors, although a healthy discussion can do much, I’m suggesting that every comment and commenter be recognized.

One word of warning, no matter what you think, I do not recommend taking sides with one commenter over another.  Speak you mind, yes, but siding with someone immediately excludes someone else.  Nothing good can come from that… in my opinion.

Continued in Part Thirty-Seven


2 responses to “Blogosphere: The Good, The Bad, and the Blogly

  1. Thank you so much. However, even if bad press is good press, I have decided that I don’t need any apple that is offered, and will hopefully refrain from controversy in the future. (I feel I’m healthy enough, hopefully, not to need a doctor! grin grin) The best to you.

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