Satellite: Word of the Day

Satellite, n.

An attendant or follower of another person, often subservient or obsequious in manner.

Tom Cullen could easily be considered a satellite of Nick Andros, in The Stand.

Alternate usage:

“Yes, son, I was a cowboy up in Washington state.”

“You rounded up cattle and stuff?”

“That’s right, son.”

“But isn’t it foggy up there?  How’d you see the cows?”

“Easy.  I had a saddle light.”

How will you use satellite in a sentence today?


One response to “Satellite: Word of the Day

  1. Coudn’t resist the following ‘self promotion’. Just so I’m not convinced myself that I have only one point of view when it comes to my writing.
    From Chapter 5.

    Penny could understand that she was still but a planet, a satellite, when she sought to be as self-sustaining as a stellar star. Her personality was shaped by externals; and she was without that understanding that she needed of herself to shape experience into an organic whole. She had to learn to represent, to integrate the light and shadow that lay within into a unity. Then she could be like a sun, whose dark spots are reabsorbed within its own sphere. As it was, there was no light within her shadows. And Penny desired to be all light, the light of self-illumination.

    Good. I’m no longer a satellite then!

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