Misdirection: Word of the Day

Misdirection, n.

Law . an erroneous charge to the jury by a judge.
A stage magician uses misdirection to force the audience to look one place while the work of the illusion is carried out elsewhere.
Alternate usage:
I got a GPS for my car today.  It annouces where to go in a female voice.  I call it Ms. Direction.
How will you use misdirection in a sentence today?

One response to “Misdirection: Word of the Day

  1. Just reading a ‘cartoon version’ of Heidegger’s treatment of veiling and unveiling, the revealing through disclosure of part being which will always consequently not reveal the whole, or vital parts that remain undisclosed: So.

    The assertion of the truth as light could serve as a misdirection, for other essential elements of the whole would remain necessarily hidden in darkness.

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