Blogosphere: Recycling Posts (Continued)

Continued from Part Thirty-Seven

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Thirty-Eight: What Goes Around Comes Around

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I’ve touched on the idea of finding ways of directing the attention of your readers to old content, or reusing that content in new ways, a couple of times now.  …and this third iteration may not be the last, so bear with me.

As I continued to research this issue, I found some rather good suggestions.  One excellent source is ProBlogger.  Do check them out.  Some of the ideas I found on ProBlogger and other places are:

Create a PAGE titled : YourName’s Favorites, or YourName Recommendations.  Like the idea in the previous segment where you created a text widget with your favorite posts, making a page for favorites and/or recommendations is also a good idea.  A full-page gives you more “artistic license” around the creation, the look, and the feel of your presentation, as well.

Many of the free Blog Hosting Services will automatically include a “related posts” notation as an addition to your posts. A fortunately named posting on Uphill Writing generated more than 400 page views, 340 of them on the same day, and still the highest activity day for UhW to date. 

Another possibility is to do a regular review of past posts.  Uphill Writing is working toward the “tipping point” of 1000 posts.  I’ve done a best of the last hundred posts each time I hit a 100 posts.  (As of this writing we are 10 posts shy of 900.)  You can do the same on a monthly or yearly basis, but I would recommend not waiting for year’s end unless your posting schedule is very light.

Lastly, and perhaps most logically, you can simply copy and paste some of your best older posts and reuse them.  In this case you would not point to the permalink of the old post, but rather make an entirely new post.  The new date helps prevent confusion.  If possible—as said before—make any updates, changes, or rearrangements you can to the content and post it as new.  Keep in mind that while photographs or drawings are essential to a good post, they do not count as content change as the Web-crawling Search Engine robots only read words.

Remember the secret of reusing a post.  If you don’t change at least 20% of the verbal content, the web spiders will think it is a copy and your search status will not improve.

I fully expect more ideas will occur as we continue in this series on Blogging.  Stay tuned, and…

Keep writing!

Continued in Part Thirty-Nine


4 responses to “Blogosphere: Recycling Posts (Continued)

  1. Your explanations are so very clear and organized. Always a delight (and a help) to read. Thank you, Richard.

  2. I like the idea of recycling posts. I’m about ready to consider doing that as I’m running low on new ideas.

  3. Two ideas come to mind for me: 1.) A Best of Page (as suggested by Problogger) and 2.) wordpress’ “Popular Posts” plugin that displays your most popular posts on the sidebar. I’ve found that since installing it on my site, people visit older content.

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