Weirdest Wisdom #27

Just four left in this series.  Oh, what will we do next?

Oh, right.  I almost forgot.  Todays entry:

Prudence and sagacity are the worthier condiments of intrepid courage.


5 responses to “Weirdest Wisdom #27

  1. If anyone else is in the same boat, as me. I offer what I think is part of it again. The phrase is only vaguely in my mind. but something like.
    Prudence and something are the better part of valor.
    Gotta check Hope someone has this…


  3. Oh, what will we do next?

    How about carrying on with something about maybe just general quotes. Like something by an author given, but you have three choices as to who said, or wrote it.

    Or give a quotation, and we have to put it into our own words.

    Something like that. The second would be the opposite to this quotation game. Thanks for this series, Richard.

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