A Musical Note: Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe – Barcelona

Freddy Mercury—lead vocalist from Queen—was an incredible talent.

Today’s video gives you a chance to watch and hear this amazing man in action.  The song reflects Mercury’s love of opera with his high notes and Caballe’s operatic vocals backed by a full orchestra. It was one of the biggest hits of Mercury’s solo career, reaching number eight in the UK Singles Chart when first released in 1987.  The setting is remarkable, the effects dazzling, from the audience which appears to be as rehearsed as the performers, to the orchestra leader with directing with a baton that looks like a Star Wars light-sabre.

I challenge you to walk away from this presentation unmoved.

Ladies and gentlemen, Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe performing “Barcelona”.


2 responses to “A Musical Note: Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe – Barcelona

  1. I had this perfect dream
    Un sueno me envolvio
    This dream was me and you
    Tal vez estas aqui
    I want all the world to see
    Un instinkto me guiaba
    A miracle sensation
    My guide and inspiration
    Now my dream is slowly coming true

    The wind is a gentle breeze
    El me hablo de ti
    The bells are ringing out
    El canto vuela
    They’re calling us together
    Guiding us forever
    Wish my dream would never go away


    It was the first time that we met


    How can I forget
    The moment that you stepped into the room
    You took my breath away


    La musica vibro


    Y ella nos unio
    And if God is willing
    We will meet again

    Let the song begin
    Dejalo nacer
    Let the music play

    Make the voices sing
    Nace un gran armor
    Start the celebration
    Ven a mi
    And cry
    Come alive
    And shake the foundations from the skies
    Shaking all our lives


    Such a beatiful horizon


    Like a jewel in the sun
    Por ti sere graviota de tu bella mar


    Seunan las campanas


    Abre tus puertas al mundo
    If God is willing
    If God is willing
    If God is willing
    Friends until the end



  2. I will disappoint you here, as I viewed this with detachment, as it was a little extravagant in it’s performance values for my taste. The audience I would think was a paid, walk-on, actors for the day. Forget proper name. That was the best part for me, watching the torches resemble in my mind, seeing the stars in the sky. And of course I loved the operatic voice, and the emotions of Mercury. So much in music is in the staging, with all the great artists. And of course, this was ‘pure’ opera.
    Thanks for presenting it. I am wiser about what’s happening in the world because of your posts.

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