Ovulate: Word of the Day

Ovulate, v.

To produce or discharge eggs from an ovary.

William?  Hie thee to the barn to see if our Gallus domesticus have deigned to ovulate today.

Alternate usage:

Old saying: It is better to ovulate than never.

How will you use ovulate in a sentence today?


3 responses to “Ovulate: Word of the Day

  1. Some people can let ideas percolate in their heads until they’re ready to write the ‘coffee’; me? sometimes I wonder if the ‘been’ will ever be ready to ovulate.
    coffee- copy
    been- bean.
    (I HAVE put these in italics! grin grin)

  2. Hey, Rik! The goose just laid a golden ovum again!

    Or was it a golden oldie?

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