Blogosphere: How to Make Your Blog More Interesting

Continued from Part Forty

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Forty-One: Adding Pages to Widen Your Reach

Image: I made this one.

Most Blog themes have the ability to add pages, and now is the time to consider doing so.  If your theme does not have page TABS (for example, this version of Uphill Writing has it built-in as a widget along with page-top tabs), you can add a “pages” widget.  Why do this?  For variety.

Using pages allows you to add depth to your Blog.  Pages like About, Contact Me, Blogger’s Choice (links to favorite posts), Resources, and whatever else you can think of.

Adding specific pages helps you organize your Blog, making it easier to navigate, and more compelling to the reader.  Seeing the tabs or links to your additional pages will help a potential “constant reader” decide if your Blog is worth the time.

The downside of additional pages is that they do not manage themselves.  If you are Blogging heavily on a daily basis, your auxiliary pages might go out of date unless you remind yourself to keep them up.  


These pages are a wonderful resource for your Blog, if you manage them carefully.  Note that you can use these pages as static pages, e.g., those that do not change, and therefore creating a link in a widget, you can point people to important information without giving up the dynamic nature of your landing page.

Think of all the things you can do with an extra page or two on your Blog… and let me know, will you?

Continued in Part Forty-Two


3 responses to “Blogosphere: How to Make Your Blog More Interesting

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  2. Now I know what a page is. And it was great to find ‘Writer Resources’. Thanks, Richard.

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