Pink Carnation: Word(s) of the Day

Pink Carnation, n.

Worn as a boutonniere, a pink carnation remembers a deceased mother.

A song written and sung by Marty Robbins, A White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation” reached number 1 on the music charts in 1957.

Alternate usage:

If everybody in the US were to paint their car pink… why, we’d be a Pink Car-nation.

How will you use Pink Carnation in a sentence today?


2 responses to “Pink Carnation: Word(s) of the Day

  1. I was going to jump the gun and use the lyrics myself. Good thing I curbed by enthusiasm and checked.
    So that is at least a red carnation for me, if not a white or a pink one. OK?

    • This post is ‘deeper’ than I thought. Just jumped on it too quickly. The ‘jest’ is brilliant. car nation, grin grin. And I didn’t know that about pink. Thanks for reminding me of my mom. Please reverse pink with red in my example.

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