A Musical Note: John Barry – A Capsule in Space

In 1967 the 5th James Bond film, You Only Live Twice, was released. 

In my opinion, it had the weakest theme song of all the Bond movie to that date, but it had a secondary theme, one that recurred several times throughout the movie that was truly spectacular.

The first time we hear “Capsule in Space” it is when a spaceship manned by the baddies (but painted to look like political enemies) opens up and ‘swallows’ a manned space capsule, clipping as it does, the lifeline of an astronaut on a spacewalk, and leaving him to die in the vast dark.

If you have seen this classic film, you will certainly recall the majestic, and powerful arrangement of the John Barry piece.  If not… then, here is a nice surprise for you.

I give you, “Capsule in Space” by John Barry.

For some reason I cannot embed this piece, so please follow the link to the Youtube video.


3 responses to “A Musical Note: John Barry – A Capsule in Space

  1. A holiday from lyrics. More pop culture for me. Thanks.
    Good dissonant theme.

  2. Nancy Sinatra’s song was the weakest, you say? What about Rita Coolidge’s risible “All Time High” from Octopussy? That one really sucked!

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