Balneal: Word of the Day

Balneal, adj.

Of or pertaining to baths, or bathing.

The Cajka baths are still appreciated, and balneal treatment is still used to ameliorate neurone diseases.

Alternate usage:

Neal Skudd was a less than perfect third baseman for the baseball team.  More than once his manager had to yell from the dugout, “Catch the balneal!”

How will you use balneal in a sentence today?


One response to “Balneal: Word of the Day

  1. “OK. Sport. Catch the ball. Go, on boy run. Bring it back. Yeah! Good boy. And ball, you stay right here too. Right in front of Sport. Here Sport. Now sit. And Ball -kneel.”
    “Gotta go for some balneal, myself! “

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