A Musical Note: Gary Wright – Dream Weaver

One way to determine that you have reached your old gray years is when you think of a song, you know, one that’s only been out for a short while, and then discover it came out in 1976.

Such a song is Dream Weaver by Gary Wright.  The song hit number 1 in  Australia, Canada and Europe that same year.

For the discerning ear, there are two recordings of the song that are almost identical, the only difference I’ve been able to note are in the first three words of the lyrics.

One version starts, “I have just…” and the other starts, “I’ve just…”  Both versions are played today on American radio stations.

Gary Wright claimed the album featuring this song was the first all-synthesized album in music history, but in fact, “Switched-On Bach” had that honor in 1968.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gary Wright and Dream Weaver:


3 responses to “A Musical Note: Gary Wright – Dream Weaver

  1. Thank you, Richard. It was beautiful. No wonder it came back.

  2. I LOVE this song!

  3. Love the dreamscape of the music. Thanks!

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