Blogosphere: Lights, Camera, Video!

Continued from Part Forty-Four 

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Forty-Five: How to Add Video to Your Blog

Image: I made this one.

Adding video to your Blog is simple… that is, unless you know something about HTML. 

I have (in the past) had nothing but trouble inserting Youtube videos into blog posts because I kept trying to do it the way I considered correct…  In the WordPress  HTML editor. 

Well, here’s the bad news, and the good news.  While you CAN add the embedding code from YouTube directly into your blog post via the HTML side of the editor, the chances are a little less than 50% that the code will take.  In fact, the code is often removed instantly when you save draft or update the post. 

It is embarrassing to admit that I finally, out of frustration, looked it up. 

Here are the steps to make it work every time.  It is easy, it is straight-forward, and it just plain works: 

1. Go to YouTube ( and search for the video you want:

2. Click on the SHARE beneath the video you found.   Then highlight and copy the link provided. 


3. In the WordPress Add New screen click on the Add Video button. 


4. Paste in the URL and click on the Insert button 


And that, dear friends, is that.

Continued in Part Forty-Six


3 responses to “Blogosphere: Lights, Camera, Video!

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  2. Wow. My first lesson in how to make a ‘link’. Maybe I’ll ‘get there’. Thank you, Richard. Will save this, as always, cause I’m a slow learner.

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