Premorse: Word of the Day

Premorse, adj.

Having the end irregularly truncate, as if bitten or broken off.

The corn in the field had been mangled, vandalized, the premorse ears lay on the ground.

Alternate usage:

“Why so glum?”

“I’m about to do something bad.”

“And you’re sad about that?”

“Yeah.  It’s like remorse, but in the future.  I guess you could call it premorse.”

How will you use premorse in a sentence today?


2 responses to “Premorse: Word of the Day

  1. Fun! Before I read your Alternate, I was thinking of doing something like that!
    Before the author even heard back from the agent, her premorse expectations were full of remorse that she didn’t edit, edit, edit.!
    How’s that?

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