Blogosphere: If You Know You’re Right…

Continued from Part Forty-Six

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Blogosphere: A series
Part Forty-Seven: The Secret of Successful Communication

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Look over the Internet, search for information on Blogs, and what will you find?

10 Greatest Secrets for Getting Traffic

22 Ways to Keep Your Readers Coming Back

9 Sure-fire Ways to Get the Search Engines to Notice You…

And on and on it goes.

The truth is, some of the ideas out there really work, but none of them—in my opinion—are the all-time best and most important trick of the trade.  Including this one.

 In fact, the real trick to getting your Blog up and going—and even this on only works if you believe it—is to treat what’s out there like a smorgasbord.  You choose the pieces you like.  You pay attention to the ideas that best suit you.  You invest in the schemes that serve you without hurting your integrity.  Yes, it’s true, you use the filter of your experience, of your cultural point of view, of your education and upbringing to determine what will work best for you.

Oh, and guess what?  What works today may fail miserably tomorrow, and what you left behind when you started may turn out to be the best bet for your particular Blog.

The secret, if you can call it that, because you already know it, is to trust yourself.  Trust your judgement, and just do the best damn job you can.

By the way, it won’t work.  Not at first.  For awhile your blog is going to feel juvenile, silly, just plain useless.  Just don’t give up.  We all go through those hours, days, and months of self-doubt.  But if we stick with it, we get better.  If we pay attention to our feelings, and more importantly to how our readers react, we will find the way, we will make it.

The bloggers I know who just stayed with it no matter how dumb it might have felt at first are doing very well today.  You can too.

Continuted in Part Forty-Eight


7 responses to “Blogosphere: If You Know You’re Right…

  1. What encouraging advice, Richard. I’ll remember this.

  2. Excellent advice . . . Just trust yourself, and you will know how to blog. (Paraphrased from Goethe).

    BTW: I had a lovely surprise today ~ my post on Chain Letters has been Freshly Pressed, sending my #’s soaring.

    I took advantage of the increased traffic to post 2 posts I’ve been saving for just such an occasion. : )

    • Great you go so many responses. People are really at a loss of what to do with these, so you really helped them here. I think they are not only fearful of not fulfilling the dictates, but they don’t want to offend either, so it can be hard for people.

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have been feeling like that lately for sure.
    Nancy: Hooray!

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