A Musical Note: Ah-Ha – Take On Me

One of the ealiest Music Videos ever made, Take On Me, by Ah-Ha still stands up today as one of the finest.

In point of fact, there was an earlier version of this, one that used the same graphics, but entirely different lyrics.

Me?  I love a song that is also a story.  Some weeks back I gave you Helen Reddy with Angie Baby, another fascinating story song.

I trust you will enjoy “Take On Me” as much as I do.


4 responses to “A Musical Note: Ah-Ha – Take On Me

  1. Wow! No confusion here. Great story. Great idea going back between the ‘figurative’ and the ‘literal’ – the drawings and the ‘real’. Glad the real won out! Gonna get lyrics…

  2. Talking away
    I don’t know what I’m to say
    I’ll say it anyway
    today’s another day to find you
    Shying away
    I’ll be coming for you love O.K.

    Take on me
    Take me on
    I’ll be gone
    in a day or two

    So needless to say I’m odds and ends
    But that’s me, stumbling away
    Slowly learning that life is O.K.
    Say after me
    It’s no better to be safe than sorry.


    The things that you say
    Is it live or just to play
    My worries away
    You’re all the things I’ve got to remember
    You shying away
    I’ll be coming for you anyway


  3. Now that you’ve watched the real music video hit Youtube with “Take on me literal version” for a real laugh. Just trust me on this one.

  4. Gee! Just watched the ‘literal’ version. For one thing I couldn’t believe there was a ‘literal’ version. Like I was using the words in conjunction with my choice of the metaphor ‘having a bug’ meaning even sometimes having the ‘bug for love’, or something, -anything that you put your heart into, and then, – Oh dear, I’m gonna have to call in nrhatch about the possibility of synchronicity here. For me anyway, the use of the word ‘literal’ for real, i.e. ‘literally’, was ‘too much’, grin grin.

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