Blogosphere: Quit While You are Ahead

Continued from Part Forty-Nine

Blogosphere: A series
Part Fifty: There Be Dark Days Ahead

Image: I made this one.

Well, there you go.  You’ve put together one monster of a blog.  You’ve done all the right things.

You’ve held off until you have ten posts or so already in place before announcing your blog.  You’ve searched for and found a “just so” physical theme, and you know… you KNOW your topic inside and out—or you’ve set yourself up to get to the data you want at an instant.

You know where you’ll get your daily images.  You’ve worked out that WordPress on the free side is even offering you links and tags.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Really.  It doesn’t.

In fact, sometimes it gets worse, and I think you need to be ready for that.

You need to have a day’s worth of posts set up ahead so if for any reason you can’t write on a given day, you’re still covered in your race to your numbers goal.

You know what you’ll do when you have to be away for a few days. 

You’re ready for that morning when you get up and it feels like you have been blogging for ever, and haven’t seen the expected gains.  You know.  THAT day.

You need to be ready for that most dreaded diseases, a big ol’ case of “I dowanna”.   Cause, here’s the deal, see.   You said A, now you gotta say Z.  You need to carry it out, you need to go all the way, and when you feel like you’ve made it, you need to try harder, because your “laurels” are clearly in a bad spot for resting on.

Sorry, folks.  There will be those days.  Probably.  There have been for me, and I expect there will be more of the nasty little guys, ready to attack, to bite the ankles, to discourage, and cause dismay.

Be ready.  Don’t let it stop you.  There is something oh, so very cool about pushing on, and getting done, even when you don’t want to.

Continued in Part Fifty-One


13 responses to “Blogosphere: Quit While You are Ahead

  1. That’s the attitude, Richard. Thank you for passing ‘the bug’ along!

  2. Gee! I hope ‘the bug’ wasn’t. grin grin.

  3. Just checked above, and the bug was the blahs. I took it to be ‘the bug’ meaning enthusiasm to blog.
    Thanks for picking up on the confusion between the literal and the figurative. Oh dear! I’m really confused now! But it’s OK. I’ll survive.

    • You know I’m not confused. Why is there so much concern about ‘building reputation’ on these sites. All for respect and having authority I suppose. You didn’t get my switch of the bug, but I responded merely to your last sentence, although I followed the ‘changes’ within your perspective on the way there. I thought you were ‘tougher skinned’ than that! It was an honest, response to you ‘pushing through’. But if you’re going to start ‘reading into me’, I’m out of here!!!!!!! I’m not going the deception route. I know for instance that Canon D, is a favorite song of yours, so I at least wouldn’t pull a self-deception on that ‘score’. I still don’t understand how I ‘offended’ you. But I don’t want to become the ‘fall guy’.

      • Be ready. Don’t let it stop you. There is something oh, so very cool about pushing on, and getting done, even when you don’t want to.

        This is the sentence I responded to, in case there is still confusion. Perhaps you had a bad day, starting with nrhatch’s belief that she understands music better than she does, and can detect chord changes, when ‘Rob’, points out in his video that yes, they are all based on the progressions of Canon D. People passing themselves off, self deception, for knowing things they don’t. For G’s sake, I’ve got a major in music, and I’ve studied composition, and I would be as presumptuous about my knowledge of music as nrhatch pretends to be. I thought you wanted me to keep you honest.

        • correction: not be as presumptuous…….Faking it to make it just doesn’t work if you’re working with professionals, especially with regards to music.

        • And I mention this, because I don’t believe (my opinion) there is perfect honesty here. Do you not admit, that you wrote the blog, with, in the background, your expressed admission that you, like all of us have our ‘rough’ days. The last paragraph, therefore did express courage in pressing on despite difficulties.
          If you really were speaking totally tongue-in-cheek- even about these feelings of having to go on and conquer the ‘blah’ days, then I believe, you would have been ‘open’ enough to realize that my juggling of the disease concept, making a positive out of a negative, followed through with my perceived interpretation of what your blog was all about.
          However, perhaps you did have a bad day. And this was behind your ‘apparent’ defense of the Canon in D. But you would not want to ‘offend’ nrhatch, although you were ‘obviously’ not concerned that your representation of my interpretation might offend me, and that you yourself ‘might’ be ignoring a possible tongue-in-cheek comment which would be a result of a much deeper understanding of how you felt this day in question, than the high-sounding response of nrhatch, made after reading the totality of the comments. As, I said, I have fallen prey before in being the scape goat, or the dumb one, as a ‘third party’ to your relationship with nrhatch.
          That is why I must say, and she should relisten to her posting of the Canon, that in this case, as in many others, she does not know what she is talking about, and yet, unlike myself, it would appear, to your interpretation, in any case, she comes out as the ‘smart one’, who never makes mistakes, and never , as an authority, ‘speaks tongue in cheek’. She doesn’t even like, nor possible can appreciate the irony. Otherwise, she would have never talked about that brilliant, ironic piece, the way she did; nor would she have erroneously called it a ‘rant’. A very negative determination, I would say, to a solid piece of humor, which disguised it’s educative value by using the story of the cello, and the chord sequence, as a foil. No perhaps neither of you really understand humor, irony, tongue-in-cheek comments.

  4. Spot on, Rik.

    Enjoy the journey! Blogging is ever so much fun. : )

  5. You’re right Rik, the secret is to have a well stocked larder inside your dashboard for the glum days.
    Good post.

  6. Nrhatch however, may be emulated, and perhaps is a source of wisdom from which to learn, in particular with respect to using connections on Facebook for instance, to increase the size of a Blogger’s outreach.

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