Ratchet: Word of the Day

Ratchet, n.
A  mechanism consisting of such a bar or wheel with the pawl.

The ratchet wrench click-clicked as the police officer dismantled the bomb.

Alternate usage:

“What’s that smell coming from over in the corner?”


How will you use ratchet in a sentence today?


5 responses to “Ratchet: Word of the Day

  1. For the prisoner of life, the days can feel like the torture of being tied to a Mediaeval ratchet.
    (I think that thing they used to be tied to could be called a ratchet!)

  2. Ricky,
    Just a suggestion if possible. It would be pretty cool to have pics of some words of the lexicom.

  3. I agree with Maria. I want to see a photo of ratshit. : )

    Thanks for the laugh!

  4. I need to ratchet up my writing skills.

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