Blogosphere: Increase Your Authority with Links and a Network

Continued from Part Fifty

Blogosphere: A series
Part Fifty-One: Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Image: I made this one.

Here is something you can take to the bank.  Blogging is about establishing authority.  Period.  If there is one thing you can do to put yourself on the map in the Blogosphere, that’s it.  Establish yourself as a (Capital A) Authority.

But wait, old wise one, how do we do that?  OK, first, I’ve asked you not to call me “wise one” in public. 

OK.  Wait “old one”, what’s the trick?

Hrrrmph.  Fine.  I’ll tell you.

Links are the trick.  Links are what establish you in the world of blogs.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if you were to go out into the Blogosphere and do a search on how to gain authority in the Internet, you would find endless tips and tricks, more data than you could ever assimilate, and if you were to sift through it all… boil out the impurities, purify it to its most simple syntax, what you would find is links.  

The more people link to you and your work, the greater authority level you have… to the web-crawlers.  But wait, you say, don’t I want people to love me?  Don’t I want accolades?

Well, OK.  Those are always nice, but bottom line, it isn’t really people who make your blog work… it is the search engines, and sorry to say, they do not read your bogs.

They are systems which are cleverly set up to look for certain keywords, to add them to a database list, and to compare keywords in a user’s search string with the database of blog tags.  When it finds them, it places your work into search results.

Hold on, didn’t you say it was links?  Now you’re talking keywords?  Tags?

Yeah, a little confusing, isn’t it?  It’s both, actually.  Tags you include in your post titles and within the first few lines of the post itself are what the web-crawlers use to serve you out to searching people.  But, before the web-crawlers “think” your blog is worth while, it looks to see how many other people (blogs) like you.  This is done by looking at the number of links coming in to you.

How do you get other bloggers to  link to you?  By using tools like Blog Surfer in WordPress.  By searching out blogs and bloggers who write about what you write about.  By linking to them.  By commenting on their blogs.  By making friends with them.

Each of the blogs that eventually link to you have their own circle of authority, their “circle of friends”, and a certain number of them will rub off on you.

An important part of your every blogging day should be reaching out, finding blogs and writers like you, and doing the electronic hand-shake.

Authority is what ranks you high in a search engine.  Links to you creates authority.  Links to others helps get links to you.

It’s downright simple, isn’t it?

Your thoughts?


3 responses to “Blogosphere: Increase Your Authority with Links and a Network

  1. Yup! Simple enough.

    I’m learning as I go and this post is a great help to me today.

  2. I get it . . . hitch your wagon to a star. : )

    Thanks, Rik
    (Or, as I shall now refer to you . . . OWO).

  3. BTW: LOVE the cartoon.

    Spot on, OWO.

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