Network: Word of the Day

 Network, n.

A fabric or structure in which cords, threads, or wires cross at regular intervals.

A spider is able to traverse the sticky road he made, his network of wispy spider silk.

Alternate usage:

“You done mendin’?”


“Well, toss it over the side.   I want to see that network.

How will you use network in a sentence today?


3 responses to “Network: Word of the Day

  1. If all individuals are caught within webs of internet, webs of language,et.c etc. etc. the individual will be consumed by the network; he/she will be lost within the ‘crowd’. This state of affairs conflicts will all ideas put forward to date of freedom, and authenticity. Does anyone have any ‘other’ ideas on the relation of the individual to the ‘Other’.?

  2. I bin conned by a client out in Miami, all that net work I did for her … ain’t gonna be paid a dime.

  3. Great movie, too. Peter Finch R.I.P.

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