The Daily “Huh?” – Sand on a Glass Table

Image: Guilty as Charged


Searching for something for the last post of the day is always a challenge.  I never know what I will find, only that it must be in some way inspiring. 

Imagine a darkened room, a stage, really, with a pane of glass for a table, with lights underneath, with an overhead projector, and sand.  A lot of brown sand. 

Then, imagine a young Ukraine girl lighting a candle, music starting, and we watch in awe as she tells a story without ever speaking a word. 


I am unsure what this has to do with Kuwait, or a firefighter, but I was moved by the emotional reaction of the audience.


2 responses to “The Daily “Huh?” – Sand on a Glass Table

  1. I love this video. To see my comments:

    When we enter the flow of life, our creativity knows no bounds.

    Great pik, Rik!

  2. Wow! Impressive. The young woman produced so much emotion. I also liked the Russian singer.

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