How to Write a Perfect Blog Post

Writing a perfect blog post is easy.  Here’s how.

First you need to have a title that clearly says what the post is about, that creates the idea that the text of the blog is needed, and that makes a promise to fulfill that need.   Be sure to include your important Tag Words in the first line of the post.

 Ask questions of your reader to engage them, for example:

  • Is it possible to write a perfect blog post? 
  • Can it be done every time? 
  • Is writing a perfect post a matter of talent, or of practice?

Format your post in a way that is pleasing to the eye, and easy to follow:

  • Use bulleted lines to set off major points.
  • Keep the ideas simple, yet informative.
  • Use BOLD and Italic fonts to emphasize your points.

Keep your tone light and lively, after all, your post should be perfectly entertaining, too!

Add at least one colorful image to your post, however: 


  • Keep the size (dimensions) and weight (number of kilobytes) down.  Readers will click away without reading if your post takes too long to load.  I recommend no side of the photo greater than 300 pixels.
  •  Always give image credit for a photo or drawing, even if it is your original work
  • Use an image search engine, like CoolIris for Firefox to find images appropriate to your topic.
  • Place the image logically, in the middle of the post, perhaps.

The text of your post must be clear, easy to read, and informative.  This means dark text on a light background, for instance.

A good post will always have links to the outside, for example, 99 Ways To Improve Your Blog, by Steven Snell.  Also, be sure that the link you post will open in a new window rather than sending your reader away.

Never talk down to your reader.  Rather, speak to that in the reader that you know wants to learn, to improve, and to grow.

Allow people to subscribe to your blog, and invite comments, as your post can also bring people back to see what the next comment will be. 

Finally, keep your post short and to the point.  A well-designed and executed post will enliven your readers, and will bring them back.  A good word count to shoot for is between 300 and 400 words.

Your thoughts?


4 responses to “How to Write a Perfect Blog Post

  1. Just commenting, as you outline above, so that I can keep abreast of new comments. (grin grin)

  2. Perfect…in 300-400 words 🙂

  3. Good advice Rik. Thanks.

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