How to Write a KILLER POST For Your Blog

A Killer Post is one that grabs the reader, makes them want more, and has a long tail. 

Image: I made this one.

First some terms to clarify:  Killer Post is something designed to bring in readers over a long period of time 

Long tail: a post that might hit hard and heavy when it first comes out, but one which continues to deliver over the long haul is said to have a long tail.  In many cases a true Killer Posts will pull in more readers over time than they do during the first few days.  This is a good thing. 

A Killer Post has a good title.  Much like yesterday’s admonition to write a great title, the title of your Killer Post is even more important.  It will be one of your “bread and butter” posts. 

Keep the title short, and full of punch, but be careful to not over promise.  Actually writing the title first might not be the best idea for you… especially if you are new to blogging. 

But what makes a good title?    

Glad you asked.  Here are some examples that really work: 

  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Readership Now!
  • 5 Simple Ways to Entice Your Reader
  • Find Usable Graphics for your Blog Fast!
  • How to Write a Killer Post For Your Blog

The important thing to remember is that you need to deliver on whatever it is you promise.

Special Hint:  Some posts turn out to be “Killers” over the long run, even if they did not seem to have a great deal of impact when first written.  For example, UhW has a post entitled “How Long is a Paragraph“.  While this post never hit it big, it seems to be read at least once per day, often several times per day.  If you find you’ve written a long-tailed post like this, you will want to go back to it, see what it was that pulled people in, and perhaps add a bit—a link or two to related posts, for example—and do what you can to get the most juice out of the post. 

Great.  So, where do I get what I need for lists like that?  Hello!  The InternetGoogle, Yahoo!, Bing, the tools are all around you.  Search for blog posts with your topic.  Borrowing ideas is OK as long as you don’t borrow the words as well.  They say that stealing from one person is plagiarism, but stealing from several is research.


6 responses to “How to Write a KILLER POST For Your Blog

  1. You got me curious on ‘How long is a paragraph’. But there wasn’t a link, (or directions)?

  2. Ha! That’s a Killer graphic as well!

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