The Daily “Huh?” – The Piano

Image: Guilty as Charged

Today we look at a short animated piece, one that I hope will more and inspire.

It is called “The Piano”


6 responses to “The Daily “Huh?” – The Piano

  1. I did not honestly understand what this clip was ‘about’. Especially the reason why they brought in those ‘soldiers’ and the wall, etc. Can anyone explain the meaning, (reason) behind this music for me?

  2. He’s remembering his life, his wife, the war he fought in – he was evidently a medic, his childhood and/or maybe his own child.
    Made me cry.

  3. Thank you, I tried to see the story in it. Possibly that experience of your whole life passing before you at/near the ‘end’……

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  5. Beautiful and profound post! Lovely music!
    I’m (almost) speechless!

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