The Daily “Huh?”

Image: Guilty as Charged

The Game


North and South do not exist,

East and West are a game we made;

Borders are a mark of greed, and

Time, the illusion we blame for our failures.

See, life is the thing, and even that

We make into something less or more than it is.

It is not a philosophy

It is not a god

It is not a political stand, no

It is the day.  It is the current breath.

It is life.

And the purpose of life is to live


– Richard Scott


5 responses to “The Daily “Huh?”

  1. Have to compliment you on your poem, Richard. Well done. And of course, it is, to my mind, philosophically ‘correct.’ But for me at least, it takes a bit of philosophizing to get to the point where I can thoroughly understand how to go about it.

  2. Yes!
    Perfect, Rik.

    “It is the day. It is the current breath. It is life.”

    Live life.

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  4. Lovely poem. I see you have a strong affective side to your personality that balances your cognitive side.

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