A Musical Note: Gene Pitney – I’m Gonna Be Strong

I’m Gonna Be Strong, by Gene Pitney has been on my list for the daily Musical Note for some time, but certain technical issues have prevented me from presenting this song to you until today.

You are about to hear a remarkable voice.  If you already know about Gene and his work you are most likely a fan.  If this is new to you, I am hoping this will bring you over to the light side of the Force.  The late Gene Pitney was one of those singers had to work at it to have a song that was not a hit.  Even when his star began to dim in the U.S., he became a sensation in Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe.

In today’s song, “I’m Gonna Be Strong”, you’ll get an idea of why he was so popular.  Listen, especially, to the closing of the song when, like Elvis Presley at the end of “It’s Now or Never“, Gene goes “operatic”.  I promise a good ride.

Gene Pitney sings, “I’m Gonna Be Strong”.

Turn it up.


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