Turn Your Blog Into an eBook

Image: I made this one.

It’s time to start thinking about where your blog will go when it grows up.

My blogging guru suggests that a grown-up blog needs to belong to a larger network, something that will continue to feed its growth, and I certainly cannot argue with that.  A big network for sharing resources is a very good thing.

But is that enough?  Isn’t there something else you can do with all the pieces you have written?  Glad you asked.  Yes there is.

You can turn your blog—or select portions of it—into an eBook.  How?  We’re going to get into that, but not without setting the stage, getting some things clear. 

Do I know how to do this?  Not yet, but why not bring you along with me as I gather the tools and experience to make it happen?

Instead of diving in to the busy work of making this happen, let’s talk about getting organized first. 

Image: startup-reviews.mattters.com

First thing is this… to clear the air.  In my initial research I found that there are several software apps that will convert a blog to an eBook, but there are “gotchas” built-in.  For one thing, every one I’ve found so far is either expensive (sometimes very expensive), or will only work on blogs living on a paid host.  The absence of a dependable tool for easily creating an eBook from your WordPress.com hosted blog will not prevent us from turning selected blog posts into a book, but it may mean some extra legwork.

Our goal is to find a way to extract the posts and arrange them in a professional and pleasing to look at format.  Later we’ll talk about how to advertise and distribute (perhaps at a profit).  Everything we need is out there.

So, who’s with me on this?

Shall we make an eBook?

Continued tomorrow


3 responses to “Turn Your Blog Into an eBook

  1. Look forward to the lesson.

  2. Looking forward to Rik’s and Nancy’s E-books. 🙂

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