Create an eBook: Ongoing Look at Services


Image: I made this one.


Before I start whining about how much work it has been so far to pull in the kinds of information we all need if we are to create and distribute (or, dare I say, sell?) eBooks, I have to admit that my daily schedule has expanded considerably. 

No.  Wait a minute.  Shouldn’t a system that purports to be easy actually BE easy?  Is there any real reason that the techniques, the tricks of the trade, should be so hard to discern?  No, I say!  And no again! 

But wait, you say, aren’t you supposed to be the expert?  Isn’t that why I come to UphillWriting?  Heh.  I don’t think so.  My guess is you come to see what flavor of fool I’ll make of myself next. 

Be that as it may, allow me to remind you, dear reader, that I am new to this particular study, and that you may know more about this than I do… and if that is the case, please jump in and comment.  Let us all know what you know. 

 Hopefully we will continue to learn together.  Here’s what I’ve pulled together so far today:  



Amazon‘s CreateSpace is expensive, depending on how much of their services you want to use.  Their prices range from $299 to $4999, and that brings me back to my dislike for the cost of publishing.  I still think they should pay me, not the other way around.   Understand that eBooks are somewhere in that range, but most of these numbers include POD (Print On Demand)  publishing.  I am convinced that once you get your “FREE” consultation you will have stars in your eyes and will be ready to hock the kids to get the money. 

In the days to come I intend to find out more about CreateSpace, and its closest competitor, Lightning Source.In the meantime, work on the CONTENT of your eBook.  Content is, after all, what it is all about.


2 responses to “Create an eBook: Ongoing Look at Services

  1. Thanks for doing the research. You’re doing work that I would have to do to even investigate the possibilities of publishing on the web. And I wouldn’t know where or how to even start. Your ‘blunders’ even are appreciated.

  2. Wish I could add something of substance to this discussion, but I know next to nothing about POD or e-book publication.

    That said, I’m enjoying watching your research as it unfold “page by page.”

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