Reflex: Word of the Day

Reflex, n.

Any automatic, unthinking, often habitual behavior or response.

When the ball came at him out of nowhere, he caught it by reflex.

Alternate usage:

“Did you see Zeke’s arm just then?”

“No, why?”

“Just watch.  Hey!  Zeke!  Reflex your arm, will you?”

How will you use reflex in a sentence today?


3 responses to “Reflex: Word of the Day

  1. Thanks Richard. Maybe something was wrong with the computer’s ‘reflex’, or something. Will know what to do next time I ‘cant get’ a post.

  2. For your information I am pasting the message I got when I tried to open your post earlier in the day…

    Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    • Thanks Loreen. That explains it. I actually wrote today’s posts yesterday, and made an error with the WotD. It went out yesterday–and back in time to 9:30 AM (this was around 3PM yesterday). When I saw the error, I changed the date. Sigh. An accident on top of a mishap caused by a mistake. ))
      Hopefully that one wonl’t occur again.

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