The eBook Saga Continues – Looking at Aptara

Image: I made this one.

I found Aptara today.  They are slick, and they have a very nice video.

They claim the ability to publish eBooks, but I’m guessing they are not for the likes of you and me.  For one thing, they do not display pricing anywhere I could find on their site. 


That said, I would like to share their informative little video.

Unfortunately I could not embed it, so please follow the link…

Aptara Video      

Then come back and tell me what you think.


3 responses to “The eBook Saga Continues – Looking at Aptara

  1. This was an informative video. I did not miss however, one little side-remark that I think is important. Just in passing he mentioned the possibility of the ‘EXPENSIVE REDO’. So I think this would mean getting the 5 points right the first time. That I think would be quite a ‘challenge’.

  2. I enjoyed the video and got the impression that Aptara (not Aparta) is a conversion consultant for publishing houses branching out into e-books, not necessarily a resource for individual authors looking to publish a single book.

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