Wake Up and Smell the HTML

We’re going through a chrysalis stage here at UhW.

We’ve looked at eBooks and self-publishing, and the changes in the world of book publishing.

It’s true, I fear, that the days of guts and glory in writing are behind us.  Those wonderful days when you could be discovered in a newspaper article or a short story in a cheap magazine are gone.  I fear that we must now take care of the details ourselves, we must be our own editor, our own public relations office, and in some cases we must be our own publisher.

Well, that sucks.  It’s what’s so.  It’s also, “so, what?”

If we must have a web presence to be noticed, so be it.  If we must get on the many social media sites to self-promote, well, it’s a pain, but then again, so, what?

Fine.  Granted we must be our own cheering squad.   I don’t like it, but once again, so, what? 

Image: pcwin.com

So what?  Let me tell you what’s so.  The good—and bad—side of this change in the way things are is that we have full control.  Good because it comes out exactly the way we envision it.  Bad because if it fails, the only person we can blame is the one we see in the mirror.

This means that we must read each page, over and over, find every single error, find every bit of nonsense, every musket on the hearth that we forgot to take down and fire, clean up every hint and foreshadow.

It means we have to work, and work hard.  No longer can we just do the writing.  No longer can we expect a high-paid (but not by us) editor to check our logic, check our facts, even check our damn punctuation.  Nope.  It’s down to us.

Today’s challenge is to just get the word.  Get comfortable with it if you can, but in any event, get the word.

The news is good and bad in a single pass… and I guess that’s OK.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if it is OK or not.  It is still what’s so.

Oh, and it’s also, still, so what?

Your thoughts?


4 responses to “Wake Up and Smell the HTML

  1. There is an interesting article which touches on this on Webook. That chap who wrote on blogging I told you about originally. You might want to check it out. I found it amusing.
    The self-publishing business is just that. You pay the cost of the printing, and the first run is more expensive because you have to pay for putting the manuscript on the type of disc that can be fed into the computer/printer. But yes, Self-publishing means just that – what you outlined above. You handle the works, and even pay for the cost of printing. It’s time for multi-tasking, and being a jack of all trades, from editing to marketing. At least we won’t be ‘bored’ in our ‘old’ age.

  2. What! No Word for the Day?

    • Hi, Loreen

      That’s most odd. The word was scheduled to go out at 9:30, and the report says it did, but there have been a couple of scheduling issues over the last few days. If you go to HOME on UhW you should see the WotD…
      I hope.

  3. As if we don’t already have enough to take care of in our old age!

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